vMH Heun & Partner

Tax and Legal Consultants

We are a mid-size tax and law consultants firm in Germany, situated in Hof/Bavaria with an office in Nuremberg. Right in Germany’s centre, almost on the spot between Munich and Berlin. In the region where we are located, we have a sound position and serve many companies, from small caps to established.Our biggest client has an annual turnover of EUR 25 mio.

We offer services for companies as well as for individuals; to shortly summarize the most important ones:

Company one-stop Shopping

  • Assisting our clients to find venue and premises
  • Assisting our clients to choose entity’s right legal form as regards of tax advantages and liability
  • Establishing the entity with the tax authorities and the Court Registrar
  • Taking care of all tax matters such as
    • Income tax
      • Annual statement and monthly figures
    • V.A.T.
    • local taxes
  • Taking care of all legal matters such as
    • Accompanying the founding procedure and securing documentation
    • Securing trade marks and patents
    • Formulating contracts with
      • customers (e.g. general terms of trade)
      • suppliers
      • workers and staff
  • Taking care to realize capital measures and change of ownership
  • Collection of receivables
  • Litigation

Special Areas of Practice
(highlighted for customers from abroad)

Specialized in Transportation Law
We have a number of shippers as clients, not only from the region where we are located but nationwide. Our expertise is due to our geographical situation in Germany being located in the centre of a logistic cluster and stems from longstanding relationships with most of our clients.

A Focus to Europe’s East
Since the iron curtain fell, we initiated contacts to our Eastern neighbours realizing that there are interesting markets for our clients. We founded the international network interjures where advocates from Eastern European countries constantly meet, exchange new developments in economy and jurisdiction in their countries and deepen personal contacts.

A Project-Experienced Firm
Our clients plan and execute commercial and industrial projects in Germany and in Eastern Europe. Due to our commercial orientation, we were invited to accompany the projects and thus gained experience in this field. Due to our
good connections into the administrations in many East European countries, we contributed to their success.

Competence in Collection of Funds
As a commercial oriented German law firm, we know the ways to collect funds nationwide and also in the Non-United States of Europe. If volume allows, we have set up a routine system of cash management with lump sums for our clients, but also assist them in a case-by-case basis.